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Chief of Medical Staff

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  • 505F1-Verse=The Great Physician- I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all they ways acknowledge Him and shall direct your path. Psalm 32; Prov 3
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Chief of Medical Staff by Nathan Greene. Art Type=print, Size=5x7. More types and sizes are available from our drop-down menus. Questions? See our great Help section or contact us. May His art uplift you!

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  1. GODS SAVING GRACE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Nov 2013

    This picture has a strong meaning for my family. After having esophageal cancer with chemo and radiation my husband, Dave was undergoing a cardiac work up for surgery to remove his esophagus the next day. The cardiologist found that his "widow maker" was 99% blocked so they did 2 bypasses the next day. Three months later he was ready for the esophagus surgery. In the prep room my husband told the oncology surgeon Dr.J. (who incidentally is the top in his field in the southwest)that our pastor had surgery the day before and was unable to pray over him. Dr. J. asked if he(Dave) wanted to pray or would he like for him to pray. Dave said "I would be honored if you'd pray". The doctor reached out and took Dave's hand and joined hands with the Anesthesiologist, the Thoracic Surgeon, our daughter, a close friend & me forming a circle (that in itself blew us away)then said a heartfelt prayer which told us he prayed on a regular basis. He ask God to guide each of them as they proceeded with the task at hand. While trying to cut into the hardened esophagus the scalpel slipped and "nicked" an artery. Dr. J. said later that when things went awry he remembered his prayer and felt the Lord there guiding his hands. I first saw this picture a couple of years later in the holding room where I waited on a gurney to have surgery. It took me back to Dave's surgery and gave me courage and strength knowing that again Jesus would be guiding the surgeon. My husband and daughter say the same picture in the waiting room and received the same assurance. Imagine our surprise as we each tried to tell the other about this wonderful painting.

  2. No Fear 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2013

    The first time I saw this breathtaking picture of Christ guiding surgery, I was in the waiting area to see my doctor who would later perform surgery on my foot. I had sustained an injury that had left me with a dropfoot making walking so difficult and falling and unjury a regular occurance. My daughter and I were in awe of this picture and the doctor's boldness in displaying the beautiful testimony of Christ. This doctor was the first who gave me hope of repairing my foot enough to prevent further injuries that were starting to cause broken bones. He was deeply Christian and prayed about it after we talked and asked me to do the same. I did. He performed the surgery soonafter, with success. Before surg. he came in and asked me had I talked to God and I said "Yes!Let's do this!" After surgery he came in to see me and I thanked him. He, being a very humble surgeon said, "No. Thank Him" as he pointed upward with a huge smile. I praise God for the works He has done through this amazing doctor both here and on his many missions.I love this picture! It gave me the courage to have the surgery I had feared would leave me without use of the foot ever again. HE was in that operating room that day.

  3. the best healer that there can be 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2012

    my daughter deaf, has RP with 5% vision in 7%eye and when she was aged 15 was dignosed with bone cancer, in her right femur, the surgeon and all the theatre staff prayed over her and the doctor and the themselves. after loads of chemotherapy, she won 2 gold medal and 1 silver at the deaf games in SA. the diagnosing doctor said she would reach her 21st birthday only. today she is 33yrs lives on her own and travels the world. we are still trusting for her eyesight restoration.

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